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We work in harmony with nature and are committed to leave minimal footprints. We cook without power, have limited waste and aim to become plastic free.  

Without compromise, Grysbaek sets up her bonfire kitchen, deliver restaurant quality dishes and creates intimate and unique experiences, where food is a tribute to Nature.

Thank you for a week of indulgence. What a treat!
— HRH Princess Mary of Denmark
Great food, great mood. A feast for the eye and all 4 senses! Mange tak!
— HRH Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark
Literally one of the most lovely days I’ve had. So gracious, generous and talented. Beats the hell out of many degustations I’ve had.
— Narida Mcpherson, that food and wine show
What a triumph. Such an inspiring day! Thank you for letting me be a part of it.
— Kate Stevenson, A Moveable feast 3AW and channel 7
“All I can say is WOW. Amazing day.
— Wendy Hergreaves, Journalist and broadcaster
Bente Grysbaek has taken her impeccable cooking skills honed in the many kitchens she has lead around the world to a new outdoor kitchen and dining room in picturesque landscapes around the state to create a truly memorable experience.
— Natalie O’Brien, Natalie & co

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