Short Film Wins Gongs for Moving Story of Chef's Salvation

“Food and fire transcend all cultures and creeds, so it’s no wonder the film has resonated so strongly. Indeed, for Grysbæk, like many of us, the smells and sounds of an open fire are comforting and cathartic."

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Burnt -How Fire Saved a Chef's Life (film)

“Winner of 2 awards at Las Vegas Film Festival, featuring Bente Grysbaek's life. Writer and creator Wendy Hargreaves. Camera by Dean Cambray. Editor Joe Wilson”

Burnt, how fire saved my life


Danish Chef Cooks Huon Salmon

“Danish Chef Bente Grysbaek teams up with Huon Aquaculture to create salmon dishes for Dark Mofo's Winter Feast.”

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More to feast your eyes on

"Originally from Denmark, Bente has been in Australia now for over twelve years and recently left her long-serving position as Executive Chef at a popular Melbourne eatery. Bente has recently embarked on a new business venture as she harnesses the power of nature and beauty of outdoor cooking."

Huon salmon


From Viking Fare To Veggie Delights 

"Another hot coal standout. Echoing a rustic Viking-inspired cooking style, Grysbaek nails salmons to planks before smoking them over the open fire"

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Dark Mofo Winter Feast (film)

“A video of Bente Grysbaek cooking Salmon on a plank at Dark Mofo Winter Feast in Hobart, Tasmania. June 2018"

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Dark Mofo Winter Feast 

“Bente Grysbaek was a celebrated champion of the new Nordic style of cooking in Melbourne before discovering a love for rustic campfire cooking. At the feast she’ll be found nailing Tasmanian salmon to boards and cooking it over coals."

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