Food + Fire + Wine
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Food + Fire + Wine

An intimate outdoor dining experience in a spectacular setting, developed by Bente Grysbaek, Lyons Will Estate and The Regional Wanderer

Back by popular demand, join us for another Food + Fire + Wine experience at Lyons Will Estate, featuring the amazing 'Off the Grid' chef, Bente Grysbaek (ex Denmark House).

Food + Fire + Wine is far from your conventional winery dining experience. It’s a small gathering of food and wine enthusiasts who will share an intimate four course lunch, cooked over an open fire, and matched with current and past vintages from Lyons Will Estate.

Food + Fire + Wine will stimulate your senses.

Watching Bente do what she does best is truly something else. It's rustic, minimalistic and mesmerising. You’ll have a front row seat and first-hand access, and if you’re feeling adventurous, an opportunity to get involved.

And because we’re at Lyons Will during vintage, the guided ventures into the vineyard and winery with the talented winemakers, will not only give you a rare insight into wine but the chance to roll up your sleeves and get in on the action.

Food + Fire + Wine is an authentic and exclusive gastronomic journey, that starts with appetisers under the willows in the vineyard, and by the time you’ve finished, will have coaxed you back for more. 

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