Grain Fed Deli

Minimum order $50 | 1 weeks notice on orders

Delivery $1 pr km within Melbourne Metro area (outside peak hour)

Email your orders to:


Seeded rye bread $12

A dark 'heavy weight' loaf on 625g. Packed with lots of rye kernels


Gluten free - vegan $12

A Danish 'rye-bread-style' loaf. Filling, with a nutty flavour


Dill and mustard sauce $8 - 75g

A sauce made of mustard and dill. Best served with gravlax.


Remoulade $8 - 250g

A Danish tartar style sauce made with curry pickles and mayonnaise. Best served with crumbed fish, cold cut roast beef and meat balls.


Rye bread with spelt and seeds $11

A dark rye loaf on 540g with seeds on the outside


Grvlax $15 - 250g

Classic gravlax with dill, best served on light rye with dill and mustard sauce.


Pickled Asier $12 - 500g

Traditional pickled asier with bayleaf, mustard seeds and pepper corn


Curry herring $15 - 250g

Arctic herring fillets marinated in a curry sauce. Best served on rye bread with onion and eggs.


Light rye with sesame $9

A good all-rounder loaf on 465g. Perfect for gravlax


Liver pate $10 - 250g

A Danish pate, 250g made with pork and veal. Best served warm with rye bread and pickles. 


Kransekage Tier $85 - 1kg

Danish celebration cake (gluten free) made with marzipan. Serves about 30-40 as petit four. Best served with Champagne


Dill marinated herring $15 - 250g

Arctic herring fillets marinated in a dill and onion brine. Best served on rye bread